Viewing Title Work

Title Work documents are viewed in an image viewer. If you are not able to view the images, make sure you are not blocking the pop-up windows. Also verify that you have an appropriate image viewer. Commonly used viewers are 'AlternaTIFF', 'Microsoft Office Document Imaging', and 'Windows Picture and Fax Viewer'. If you are prompted with a message box to 'open or save', choose 'open'.

If you are having problems viewing the Title Work documents on the website, the following list consists of several options to try.

Delete AlternaTIFF

If you have AlternaTIFF installed and wish to delete it, please click here and follow the instructions on how to delete add-ons or ActiveX controls.

Every Title Work document consists of more than one page. If you are using AlternaTIFF and it shows that the file consists of only one page, it is recommended that you delete the add-on and try a different viewer.

Enable PopUps

For Internet Explorer users, click here and follow the instructions on how to configure your pop-up blocker settings. If that still does not allow the image to pull up, hold down the 'Ctrl' ("Control") key on your keyboard while clicking on the link labeled 'Title Work'.

Last Resort

If all else fails, files are available to be viewed at the Tax Deed Office located on 528 St. Johns Ave, Palatka (building 1-E).