Putnam County, Florida

Applications submitted as of June 16, 2017 are being reviewed by the Hiring &
Selection Committee at this time. The position will remain Open Until Filled for
interested applicants. If the Committee determines more applicants are needed,
they will review applications submitted after Jun 16, 2017.

Putnam County Port District

aka Port Authority

Public Purpose Statement: The Port Authority is a five member board consisting of the Board of County Commissioners which convenes as the Port Authority when dealing with matters relating to the Barge Port and other properties such as the Business Park which are titled to the Authority. These properties are so titled as it is the Authority’s responsibility to engage in economic development activities on behalf of the County.

Florida statutes allow the Authority some latitude in negotiating with companies that may have an interest in locating or expanding in the area. All final decision-making must be ratified in a public meeting of the Authority.”
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