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Drowning Prevention/ Water Safety

Drowning Prevention/ Water Safety!

Many people enjoy the water this time of the year, even the curious child that has not learned how to swim yet. A relaxing day at the pool can turn into your worst nightmare in less than a minute. Putnam County Emergency Services wants to remind you of the importance of safety in and around any water so everyone has fun. According to safekids.org, drowning is the leading cause of injury related deaths for children ages 1-4”.

Following these basic safety tips will help:

• Supervise all children near any water – bathtubs and toilets included.

• Have adults rotate the responsibility of the “Water Watcher” for a short period of time (15 – 20 minutes each) when kids are in or around the water. This person has their attention only on the children swimming in and around the pool. Then they rotate with another responsible adult.

• Teach children how to swim at an early age and to never swim alone or near drains and suction outlets of pools.

• Teach children the rules of the pool such as no running, no jumping in shallow water and no diving in water less than nine feet deep.

• Use safety barriers to keep kids from entering pool / water area unsupervised.

• While in a boat, everyone should be wearing personal floatation devices (PFD’s). Inflatable arm floats, water wings and inner tubes do not replace safety devises or PFD’s.

• Children ages 16 and under should never operate personal watercraft

• Learn CPR.

This is not the time to be distracted – the text or status updates can wait! A child left unattended even for just one minute can be deadly. It really does take less time than you think! These safety tips and others can be found at safekids.org

Thanks and make it a Great Day!

Captain Paul Flateau
Putnam County Emergency Services

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