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Water Conservation in Putnam County

Brought to you by the Putnam County, Florida Public Works Department

Putnam County is blessed with an abundance of water; lakes, rivers, springs, creeks. Unfortunately, not all of that water is available when you turn on a faucet, or flush a toilet. Every citizen of Putnam County should think about conserving water. Why? Two reasons come immediately to mind. First, our water resources are not infinite. Conserving now will help ensure our future generations will be able to enjoy the same resources we take for granted today. Secondly, every gallon of water we use costs something; whether it’s the electricity to run your well, or the monthly utility bill, we all pay somehow.

The information on this website is for everyone that wants to learn how to conserve water voluntarily. Perhaps if we all conserve a little water now, we can avoid mandatory water conservation later.


Watering Restrictions

Information and table from the St Johns Water Management District website

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What is Your Footprint?

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Information from the Grace Communications Foundation's Water Program


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