Library Frequently Asked Questions

What other kinds of things can I find to do at the Library?
Are there programs for teenagers?
Do you offer special programs for children?
Can my children visit the library without me?
Can an organization to which I belong hold a meeting at the library?
Can I use flash drives, thumb drives, access Skype or use other USB devices on the library computers?
Do you offer word processing, spread sheets or other office applications?
Are there places I can go for information about online safety?
I am concerned about my child's safety online. What can I do?
Can I access Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and other social networking sites?
Does my session have to be filtered?
Are there any restrictions on sites I may visit on the Internet?
Do you have wireless access at the library?
Can I access the Internet at the library?
What do I do if you don't have a book I want?
What are some of these special items?
How long can I keep things before they have to be returned?
Can I renew everything?
What happens if I need to keep my materals past the time I'm supposed to return them?
Do you sell trade or disclose my information to other parties?
Are my records private?
What if the Address on my photo ID isn't correct?
Can a friend of the family, baby sitter, neighbor or sibling get a library card for my child?
Am I responsible for items my children check out on their cards?
When are fees applicable?
What do I need to get a library card?
Can anyone get a library card?
Are the services at my local library free?
Where are the cemeteries in Putnam County?
How can I view the County Cemetery Index?
What are some of the collections I can find at the various libraries?
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