Be Aware, Be Prepared

Give as much information as possible. Where is the emergency?
  Exact street name and address number   Highway name and direction of travel
  City name   Nearest Mile marker or Exit number
  Closest intersections   Closest Business or Landmark Names
  Your cell phone number   Does the scene need to be secured by law enforcement?
Knowing the location is vital to getting the appropriate police, fire or emergency medical service (EMS) units to respond.

Be ready to clearly describe what has taken place: What is the emergency?
  What is on fire?   Type and number of vehicles involved
  Is the person visibly injured?   Is the person conscious and breathing?
  How many victims are there?   If reporting a crime, vehicle and suspect descriptions are important.

  • The PSAP that answers the call may not be the center that services the area from which you are calling. For this issue the wireless 911 call must be transferred to the correct PSAP.

  • Do not become irritated if you are requested to repeat information you may have already given. Remember, you want the call taker to know as much about your location and incident as possible so they can help YOU.

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