County Administrator

Terry Suggs
County Administrator


The County Administrator is responsible for administrative and Management responsibilities, directing and coordinating all phases of County government functions and activities under the jurisdiction of the Board of County Commissioners in accordance with Chapter 125 of the Florida Statutes and the County Ordinance. The Administrator serves as the liaison between the Board of County Commissioners and the citizens of the County. The County Administrator is also responsible for the County"s annual budget.

Address and Office Hours

2509 Crill Avenue, Suite 200
Palatka, FL, 32177

Monday - Friday 08:30 am - 05:00 pm

Contact Information

Voice Phone: (386)329-0212
FAX: (386)329-1216
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fair Housing PSA

Putnam County is committed to fair housing and civil rights laws to protect persons regardless of race, color, familial status, handicap, national origin, religion and sex in the choice of housing.

For more information or to report a potential civil rights violation including those related to Fair Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity or Section 504/ADA Compliance, contact the Human Resources Department

Putnam Community Video

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Why Counties Matter

Every year, your county is providing valuable resources to your community and making where you live a better place. The Florida Association of Counties wanted to take a moment to spotlight the magnitude of the great services you all provide every day. Please watch this video and SHARE it with your friends, citizens and colleagues. The video works best in Firefox or Chrome browsers.

Office Location

2509 Crill Ave.

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